Teacher Training…The Inward Journey

The Wandering Ashram Yoga & Meditation School’s Spring 2017 class is set to graduate this Sunday at the Leavenworth Yoga Co-Op.  These dedicated & compassionate students are now 200 hour yoga teachers.  Their training has been intense and sometimes painful with hours of sitting, practicing, breathing, meditating, coloring, listening, reading, journaling, drawing, thinking, snacking, wandering and laughing…  All this has led to their transformation.  They all came to teacher training curious with an open heart and open mind.  They allowed me to guide them towards their goal of learning more about the practice of yoga and learning how to teach this ancient art.  The Yoga Sutras says that the word “understand” is a combination of two words: “under” and “stand”.  And to understand, or learn something, we must stand under.  These students all stand under yoga.  They are ready to teach and guide others.  The gratitude I have for them is infinite.  They are a true inspiration, they embody love and light and I thank them for allowing me to guide them on their journey.   lotus

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