What is the Wandering Ashram? A open letter to the inquisitive

What exactly is the Wandering Ashram?

The Wandering Ashram Yoga & Meditation School is a 200 hour foundational yoga training, and a 300 hour advanced yoga training school that is registered with Yoga Alliance. W.A.Y. (Wandering Ashram Yoga) has operated in many locations (hence the name) to include Rhode Island, Wiesbaden Germany, Kansas, Grafenwoehr Germany and now Kentucky.

Graduating 49 yoga teachers so far, the goal of Wandering Ashram is to share the gifts of yoga with the world! Yoga can seem out of touch, confusing or not possible to understand for many people and the aim is to make the practice understandable, inclusive and applicable to daily life. The Skillful Living Teacher Training program offers students the opportunity to engage with life through the scope of yoga. Living in a state of yoga equals living an optimal life. Training allows these teachings to be shared with others.

200 hour training is being offered in Radcliff, KY starting January 9, 2021. Training consists of 2 weekends a month for the months January- April. Upon graduation, new teachers will be certified to lead yoga and meditation private sessions and group classes. Subjects covered in training include; yoga philosophy, lifestyle, ethics, anatomy, postures, breathing techniques, meditation, mantra and mindfulness practices, and business application.

Yoga is a growing industry and we need yoga more than ever in these times. Yoga for me which includes how I eat, how I move, how I breathe, how I communicate, how I operate. The practice has given me the freedom to understand that in order to live my life to the fullest, I have to participate and not back away from what is happening but rather engage with the ups and downs in a SKILLFUL way. If you want to share this journey with me and start living yoga, I would love to chat with you and answer your questions. One of my favorite yoga quotes by Alan Finger: “Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years.” There is no right age to start yoga, yoga is for every person in the world at any age.

Much Love,

Kathy Glaser

Wandering Yogis in Kansas

Wandering Yogis in tree pose-Germany

Meditation circle

Wandering Yogis in Weiden, Germany on a field trip

Working hard planning a class